Welcome to Swing and Samba


April Classes start Friday, April 4


Friday Swing Classes

6:30 Intermediate/Advanced

7:30 Pre-intermediate

8:30 Basic


Peabody Class Begins 21 April at 8:00 for 4 weeks!

Get ready for the Governor's Island Jazz Age Lawn Party by mastering the Peabody in this 4 week course!  I learned this fun dance from Sandra Cameron herself some 15 years ago and always enjoy busting out on a big dance floor.

Charleston workshops are coming soon!


Coming soon!  Samba de Gafieira!


Registration online

Classes are continuing on Friday evenings at:

440 Studios

440 Lafayette Street

Studio 3C



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Check out Chad and Midori (my former students and colleagues)!  They won the Lindy Hop Fast Division with this Peabody!